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Capability bears by carlsbears

Sometimes I need look no further than my own garden for inspiration.

Nature has provided the spectacular and the beautiful in abundance. From the soothing rustle of Pampas grass and the gentle swaying of Cortadena to the hectic bees and colourful insects as the busily collect pollen. Colour, sounds and textures are everywhere then, far off, the haunting call of a Peacock.

So here is the inspiration and the reason for my Capability Bears. A range that almost insisted that I made them.




I like to name the Capability bears after the glorious shrubs, grasses and plants in the ornimental gardens that inspire them.


Her name,is inspired from the beautiful grasses that adorns the borders of Stately Home gardens to the sound of decorative Peacocks with who's feathers her coloured fur so vibrantly echoes.

Capability bears by carlsbears

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Cortaderias' head has been carefully scissor sculpted over many hours and then gently shaded using acrylic paints to accent shadows and give her personality and life. She has 10mm English Black Glass eyes with ivory cashmere accents. Her nose has been hand embroidered and then shaded with subtle browns and golds and sealed with several layers of varnish which accentuate the colours beneath.

Sweet Walnut Sweet Walnut

This is the highest quality varigated brown faux fur, with splendor of golds and browns which almost glow with richness.



Her fur echoes the beautiful Meditaranean ornimental grass that adorns the borders of Stately Home gardens to the sound of decorative Peacocks which feathers her coloured fur so vibrantly.


She is fully cotterpin jointed and filled with dense polyester filling and glass beads for extra weight. When standing Lagurus is approx 8 inches high. She has pretty old gold cashmere ear and foot pads, which have been subtly painted around the edges
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